DALIM, Launching the Full-scale Distribution of 249kg Small LPG Storage Tanks Produced in Vietnam

DALIM executives and staff members, including Yoo Byung-jo, executive director, are taking a commemorative photo in front of a trailer carrying a container loaded with a 249kg small LPG storage tank produced in Vietnam.

DALIM (CEO Lim Geun-young), a company specializing in specific facilities such as LPG storage tanks and bulk lorries, announced that it will sell small LPG storage tanks in earnest with a capacity of 249kg, which were assembled in Korea after welding steel plates in Vietnam.

After changing the company name from 다임폴라특장 to DALIM, in 2016, it established a local corporation under the name VINA in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and imported 63 small 249kg LPG storage tanks and it plans to import and sell 500 units per month from May.

Since February of last year, we have been preparing various licenses and production facilities and producing prototype products, which was officially introduced into a full-scale production system from April of this year.

The local subsidiary, VINA Co., Ltd., has two 3,305㎡-sized buildings on a site of 16,528㎡, and it is estimated that one building produces about 6,000 small LPG storage tanks per year.

An official from DALIM said, “After going through basic processes such as welding in Vietnam, we will import it into Korea and go through short processing, powder coating, and tightening and inspection of various parts such as valves to release small LPG storage tank.”

The small LPG storage tanks produced in Vietnam use steel plates produced by POSCO, and four headquarters employees carry out quality control, emphasizing that production and quality control are carried out in the same way as in Korea, resulting in the production of high-quality small LPG storage tanks.

In order to produce special vehicles such as LPG tanks, bulk lorries, super low temperature gas transport vehicles, tankers, and cement transport vehicles from next year, plans are underway to expand the VINA plant in the second half of this year.

Deputy Director Yoon Soon-tae said, “As safety is the most important factor for LPG and low-temperature storage tanks, we need to do thorough quality management and have technical know-how”, emphasizing that “We will continue to make efforts to ensure consistent service, satisfactory quality, and safety for our customers.”

Source: Today Energy(www.todayenergy.kr)