DALIM Corp., donations for neighbors

▲ CEO Lim Geun-young (second from the right) is delivering funds to chairman of the Welfare Center, Shin Myeong-ja

Donated 3 million won to Jakunjari social welfare center

Scholarships for children of workers in LPG industry

[Newspaper in Gas Industry, Reporter Park Gwi-cheol] CEO Lim Geun-young, a manufacturer specializing in specific facilities such as LPG storage tanks and tank trucks, donated 3 million won to Jakunjari Social Welfare Center (Chairman, Shin Myung-ja), a social corporation in Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do on 26th.

The donation of sharing love for neighbors was delivered by collecting donations from participants in the golf tournament of the 6th ‘Korea Gas Championship.’

Jakunjari Social Welfare Center is a social corporation established in 1977 by Je Jeong-gu, who was a member of the National Assembly during his life.

DALIM is also planning to donate 3 million won to the Korea LP Gas Sales Association as a scholarship for the children of workers in LP gas industry.

As DALIM has been donating 3 million won every year from the first competition to the last 5th competition, they’re taking the initiative in having corporate social responsibility.

Scholarships have been given to children of workers who have worked for LPG industry more than 5 years.


CEO of DALIM, Lim Geun-young said that “donating funds to welfare facilities and central associations was able to make by the efforts of gas workers across the country” and added, “I hope gas workers will have more opportunities to care others while being faithful to their work in the future.”

The Korea Gas Championship was held on 26th at Gold CC in Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, which was a great success with 134 people working in the LPG and general high-pressure gas industries nationwide.


In this golf championship hosted by DALIM every year, chairman of the Seoul LP Gas Sales Cooperative Association, Lee Young-chae won the prize, and a member of the Yeongnam Regional LPG Industry Association won the group prize.

Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, we are contributing to the harmony of people working for gas across the country and the development of the industry through golf tournaments.

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